Section History

Golf is a game profoundly rooted in its history and traditions. Thanks to the efforts of a local legend we can better recognize and honor our local golf story. Pete Trenham, a PGA Hall of Fame golfer, researches and writes the Philadelphia Section history.

His impressive chronicle of local golf history starts with the first US Open in 1895 and continues today as history happens.

This invaluable service pays a tribute to the achievements and memorializes the great leaders and legends of the game. Mr. Trenham is a thorough historian and an esteemed golf legend himself. Starting as a Junior playing in Florida, Mr. Trenham later won Golf Professional of the Year in 1979, served as section President from 1988-89, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1992, currently sits on the President’s Council and since has been decorated with prestigious awards and honors of the game.
The Philadelphia Section PGA thanks, Mr. Trenham for his love of history, golf, and his contributions to the game.