District Roundtables Schedule



  • Round Table events are interactive sessions held in a small, group format (20 people max) designed to promote relevant discussion and sharing among PGA Professionals.
  • The agenda covers a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to):
    • Player Development Programs
    • Membership Growth & Revenue Generators
    • Value of Instructional Program
    • Indoor Teaching, Technology & Resources
    • Employment, Staff Hiring, Training, etc.
    • Successful “Best Practices” from fellow PGA Professionals


DISTRICT I:    Feb. 6th @ Indian Spring Country Club

DISTRICT II:   Feb. 23th @ Kings Creek Country Club

DISTRICT III:  Feb. 9th @ Carlisle Country Club

DISTRICT IV:  Feb 7th @ Penn State University Courses

DISTRICT V:   Feb. 1st @ Saucon Valley Country Club

DISTRICT VI:  Feb. 14th @ Overbrook Golf Club

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