FDS Winter Tour Releases 2020-21 Schedule



Date               Site                              Phone number            Format


Nov. 2              Yardley                           215-493-4531                  2 man modified better ball


Nov. 9              LuLu                               215-884-5108                  2 man better ball


Nov. 16            Odessa National             302-464-1007                Individual


Nov. 23            North Hills                      215-576-9875                 MB 4 Man Wacky Pins


Dec. 30            Raven’s Claw                    610-495-4710               2 man DR chapman


Dec. 7               Cedarbrook                      215-643-3560               2 man better ball


Dec. 14             Talamore                           215-646-8900               2 man scramble


Dec. 21            North Hills                          215-576-9875                Individual


Dec. 28           Bucks Club                          215-343-0350                2 man DR chapman


Jan. 4              Paxon Hollow                     610-353-0220               Individual


Jan. 11            North Hills                           215-576-9875                 2 man better ball


Jan. 18            Odessa National                302-464-1007                 Individual


Jan. 25            Indian Spring                    856-983-0222                2 man scramble


Feb. 1              Bucks Club                        215-343-0350                  Individual stableford


Feb. 8              Kimberton                        610-933-8836                 2 man DR chapman


Feb. 15            LuLu                                   215-884-5108                  2 man scramble


Feb. 22           Bensalem                           215-956-9727                  Individual


Mar. 1             Hershey’s Mill                   610-692-6592                2 modified better ball


Mar. 8             Indian Spring                   856-983-0222                 Individual


Mar. 15             Laurel Creek                    856-778-1342                 4 man/2 better ball of 4


Mar. 22             Cedarbrook                      215-643-3560                Championship


2020 – 2021 FDS WINTER TOUR

ELIGIBILITY               Both professionals and amateurs are welcome. There is an open and amateur division. The amateur division will compete for net prizes. Amateurs are welcome to participate in both divisions. However they must pay separate entries, but only one walk/ride fee.   Amateurs will receive gift certificates at the HOST club.

SIGNING UP              MANDATORY – You may either email Jamie Shaffer at or text

EACH WEEK             me at 215-915-3809.

STARTING TIMES     All events will be 10:15 shotgun starts. PLEASE let me know you are playing, SO THE HOST FACILITY CAN BE APPROPRIATELY PREPARED!  ALSO, be ON TIME or WE WILL START WITHOUT YOU.

FEES                          CASH ONLY – no checks will be accepted.

REGISTRATION         $70.00 – must be paid at the first event you play.

ENTRY FEE               OPEN DIVISION $50.00 Individual – $100.00 Team – $5.00 per person of entry will go into a skins pool. In the event there are no skins, the skin money will go into that day’s purse. Walk/ride fee of $20.00 at each event.

AMATEUR DIVISION $50.00 Individual – $100.00 Team – $5.00 per person of entry will go into an optional skins pool. Walk/ride fee of $20.00 at each event.

HANDICAPS               Amateurs will play with their USGA COURSE HANDICAPS – MAX HCP OF 16

If you do not have a handicap, one will be assigned to you.

BIRDIE RACE              OPEN DIVISION PLAYERS ONLY The birdie race will pay a minimum of three places for the total number of birdies made for the year. Players will get credit for their own birdies in individual and better ball events. Players are responsible for notifying scorers of their birdie total at each event.   No card – No birdies.  Eagles and aces count as two birdies.

CONDUCT                  Clubs hosting the FDS Winter Tour have been very generous and hospitable to host us. It is in our collective best interest to return this consideration with respect to the club, the golf course, and the members and staff. Your sportsmanlike behavior will ensure our continued welcome at these clubs.

CHAMPIONSHIP       To be eligible for the championship, you MUST have PAID entries in over 50% of the events that are played.  You may prepay an entry (and not play) on or before the date of that particular event, and it will count toward your total for the championship.

RULES OF PLAY       “Winter Rules” – lift, clean and place within one club length, no closer to the hole, everywhere.  The ball must remain in the same condition – i.e. rough stays in rough, fairway stays in fairway, ball in the water stays in the water (you can go no closer to the hole in more shallow water, but it must stay in the water)        

INFORMATION          Call or text Jamie Shaffer at 215-915-3809 or email at, if you have any questions. The first person to email me the correct answer to the following question will receive a free entry. As a junior golfer, when something unfortunate happened on the golf course, FDS legend Dave Roberts had a predilection to a certain curse word. What was that word he delivered with a pubescent whine?

                                   You get one guess only.