Golfer’s Guide

Growing the Game

Through it’s membership of 27,000 PGA Professionals the PGA of America is promoting the game of golf by promoting programs that focus on bringing new audiences to the game in a non-traditional way.



  • Series of 5 lessons starting at $99 from a PGA or LPGA Professional that will teach you everything you need to know about starting the game
  • Taught in a casual group setting where you and your friends can learn the game together
  • We will provide the golf clubs, golf balls, and other items at each lesson



  • Junior golf program for ages 13 and under that allows kids to play the game in a team format
  • 9-hole, scramble matches promote a more social experience
  • Non-traditional format that allows boys and girls of all skill levels to play and enjoy the game




  • Campaign designed to encourage golfers to play the course at the length best suited for their ability
  • Allows golfers to hit their approach shots with shorter irons
  • Golfers can play faster and have more fun by utilizing the correct tees




The PGA Sports Academy curriculum includes:

  • Sportsmanship, Rules and Etiquette
  • Golf Skills
  • Fitness and Nutrition
  • Golf and “Near Golf” Experiences
  • Golf and Physical Assessments