Volunteer Schedule

Consumer Event Volunteer Schedule

As the PGA of America continues to focus on the importance of growing the game, the Philadelphia Section is striving to do our part locally by bringing golf to the general public through our Consumer Event Schedule. In addition to supporting growth of the game initiatives, these events are also an opportunity to earn MSR credit. The 2018 schedule


  • North Coast Golf & Travel Show – February 9-11 @ Greater Philadelphia Expo Center (Oaks, PA)
  • Veterans First Swing Clinic – April 26 @ Indian Spring Country Club (Marlton, NJ)


Please consider volunteering for an event in 2017 as you being to plan ahead towards next year.  As always, in order to make these events successful we need the support of volunteers each day. These events are an excellent marketing tool for yourself and your facility. Every volunteer opportunity is a chance to promote your name and business to a large number of people at one time. Getting face-to-face time with potential customers is a huge opportunity for you and your facility. Even if you are a private facility, there is always room for new members and additional corporate outings.

For more information or to volunteer for an event please contact
Leila Mackie or Joe Monforto at the Section Office.