Month: January 2018

PGA Golf Professional Compensation Survey


This survey provides key information to assist with performance evaluations, contract renewals, staff budgeting and other employer/employee interactions, allowing PGA Professionals and their employers to know where they stand on the compensation scale in comparison with fellow professionals, both locally and on a broader scale based on a variety of factors.

Information gathered through this study is strictly confidential and is presented in aggregate for reporting purposes.

To get started, we strongly suggest you download and print a copy of the survey form to use as a worksheet to simplify your online experience and to save time.

Survey Deadline & MSR Credits:

PGA Professionals are asked to complete the 2018 PGA Golf Professional Compensation Survey by submitting results for the 2017 calendar year. Prompt survey completion will allow us to report results back on a timely basis via the online interactive reporting tool on You may earn up to two (2) MSR credits by completing this survey no later than March 31, 2018. **A maximum of eight MSR credits can be earned in one cycle year for completing National/Section Surveys.

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