Month: February 2018

Philadelphia PGA Professionals Faceoff Against NJPGA Professionals in Inaugural Charitable Hockey Game To Support PGA REACH


First Year Event to Benefit PGA REACH Philadelphia Foundation, While Future Events will be Alternatively Hosted by Each Section to Benefit Respective Foundation

Lower Gwynedd Township, PA., February 27, 2018 … On Saturday, February 24th, PGA Professionals from the Philadelphia and New Jersey PGA Sections put away their golf clubs and picked up hockey sticks for their first “cross-section” annual charity hockey game.  In total, 25 PGA Professionals laced up their skates and competed “Section against Section” in the charitable event held at the Ice Line Arena in West Chester, PA.

In a spirited contest, Team New Jersey came away victorious, with NJ PGA Professional Michael Postorino (Edgewood Country Club) leading the way, scoring 4 goals.

The inaugural event raised several thousand dollars through ticket sales, and a raffle featuring memorabilia that was donated by the Philadelphia Flyers.  All proceeds will support PGA REACH Philadelphia Foundation programming for youth, military & special needs. In future years, the two sections plan to enhance the event while alternately hosting the game each year, and with proceeds benefitting the host section’s foundation. The 2019 contest will benefit the New Jersey Golf Foundation.

Click here to see more photos from the event…Photo Album

Message from PPGA President John Rogers

Welcome fellow Philadelphia Section Professionals to my report entitled, “A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT”. As your 42nd President, it is with great pleasure to rekindle this opportunity to connect with each member through this newsletter. This report will be published quarterly highlighting the events and news from around the entire Philadelphia PGA. Additionally, I will include an area devoted to a selected Past President for his views, thoughts, and concerns pertaining to the Section and the overall outlook of the golf industry.

I like to begin with thanking the staff at the Section Office for their continued efforts in keeping the affairs and concerns of our membership in such high regard. It is a tribute to our Executive Director Geoffrey Surrette and his leadership that allows our Section to be one of the top Sections in the Association. I would like to welcome Lewis Harry to the Section as a full-time tournament coordinator. As many know, Lewis, who attended New Mexico State PGM, served two internships with us and will now join Brian, Bobby, and Ellen assisting with the administration of both Professional and Junior Tour programs. Full President’s Message

Message from Past President Jim Smith, Jr.

It’s hard to believe I’ve been a ‘Past President’ for almost 10 years – the saying ‘time flies’ really is true, especially as we get older!  When President Rogers called and asked me to be the lead-off man for a new section of the newsletter called ‘Past Presidents Corner’, I was honored.  I asked John “what should I write about”?  He basically said “the floor is yours”….. and anyone who knows me well knows that can be dangerous!    Do I offer anecdotes?  Stories about the Section and some of its more colorful members?  Reminisce about the ‘good old days’?  All might be worthy topics but if I’m going to have a chance to get on a soapbox I thought I’d share something that has benefitted me greatly in my career; the people I work with; and, hopefully, YOU!

There are no secrets to being a successful golf professional – nobody can convince me there is a template to achieve the highest heights in the industry.  In fact, I’d argue there is no such thing as ‘achieving success’ because success is a process, not a destination.  Many of you have been subjected to my ‘Purple Cow’ analogy, the one that says that we’re all just a bunch of cows that look alike….. and those who figure out how to be ‘purple’ are the ones who will rise to the top.  The question is, how do you become ‘purple’? Full Past President’s Message