Aloha Fore Maui

As you are likely aware, parts of Maui have recently been destroyed by wildfires with many residents losing their homes, possessions, and in some cases, loved ones. Many PGA Professionals, golf industry workers, and their families, have also been impacted.

To aid in their rehabilitation, the Aloha PGA Section has organized a task force to locate available housing, and gather and distribute essential items to their friends and colleagues in need. Additionally, the Section launched an Aloha Fore Maui GoFundMe campaign with hopes to raise $100,000 to support their efforts and to help PGA Professionals, golf industry workers, and their families get back on their feet.

The Aloha Section has asked that the entire golf industry, from our PGA community to our allied associations and those that love the game of golf, to join them in this endeavor by making a donation to help these individuals who have been impacted by the wildfires. It’s been devastating and heartbreaking to witness, but together we can provide encouragement and help them rebuild their lives. To donate, click on the below button.

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The Philadelphia PGA Section, covering eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware, is one of 41 geographical managing entities of the PGA of America. This Section manages nearly 900 PGA Members and Associates who are employed at over 590 golf facilities in our region.

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