Leadership Coach John Eades Presents “Drive to Lead: Mastering Leadership Skills for PGA of America Golf Professionals”

The Philadelphia PGA Section, in coordination with our Education Committee Dean Kandle, PGA, and St. Davids Golf Club, has organized a leadership seminar to take place on Wednesday, March 20, 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 pm.m, at St. Davids Golf Club. Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. The cost for PGA of America Golf Professionals to attend is $65. To register, click here.

Drive to Lead: Mastering Leadership Skills for Golf Professionals

The Drive to Lead workshop is an exclusive workshop designed to transform PGA of America Golf Professionals into exceptional leaders on and off the course. In this dynamic workshop, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and skill enhancement, delving into five essential modules for professional excellence: Leadership, Mindset, Communication, Focus, and Coaching.

  • Leadership: Uncover the secrets to effective leadership from the best leaders from inside and outside the golf world.
  • Mindset: Elevate your mindset to go on a personal development and growth journey.
  • Communication: Sharpen your communication skills to convey your vision and inspire others to act.
  • Focus: Master the art of concentration amid distractions.
  • Coaching: Unleash your potential as a coach, empowering others to reach new heights.

Join us for an immersive and interactive experience where you’ll gain actionable insights, practical strategies, and personalized coaching to elevate your leadership. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a rising star, “Drive to Lead” is your gateway to becoming a true leader in the PGA of America world.

About the Philadelphia PGA Section
The Philadelphia PGA Section, covering eastern Pennsylvania, southern New Jersey and Delaware, is one of 41 geographical managing entities of the PGA of America. This Section manages nearly 900 PGA of America Members and Associates who are employed at over 590 golf facilities in our region.

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