Little Leads Wire-to-Wire at Delaware Valley Open

Concordville, Pa. – On Monday May 9, the Philadelphia PGA returned to Concord Country Club for the 2016 edition of the Delaware Valley Open (DVO). The DVO featured nearly 120 Philadelphia PGA Professionals and served as a dual event with the Philadelphia PGA’s Assistant’s Organization (PAO).

Despite the forecast of sunny skies and 70 degree temperatures, players competing in today’s tournament were faced with cool blustery conditions as the morning turned to afternoon. However, one player managed to get his round complete before the winds picked up and posted a score that lasted from start to finish. Mike Little (Lookaway Golf Club) who played in the tournament’s first group, carded an impressive 4-under-par (67).  Little played a near perfect round of golf posting five birdies against only one bogey to finish two shots clear of his closest competitor Mike Meisenzhal (Shore Gate Golf Club) who finished at 2-under-par (69). Meisenzhal managed to overcome the windy conditions that plagued the field throughout the afternoon. Rounding out the top three were George Forster (Radnor Valley Country Club) and Stu Ingraham (M Golf Range) who each carded a 1-under-par (70).

“I think playing early was definitely an advantage as I was able to get ahead of the windy conditions that came through in the afternoon”, said DVO champion Mike Little. “I putted great and was able to take advantage of the opportunities that I had throughout the day. I want to thank the staff and members of Concord CC for hosting us today as well as Dennis McGugan and his team at Jack Jolly and Son for supporting this tournament. I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my family, especially my wife Star and everyone at Lookaway Golf Club for the support they have given me.”

Like 2015 champion Colin Corrigan, as the tournament’s overall champion, Little also claimed the top spot in DVO PAO tournament giving him two victories on the day.

Although they finished just short to overall champion Little, Forster and Ingraham were able to share the top spot in tournament’s Senior Division. The pair finished two-shots ahead of third place finisher Greg Farrow (Deerfield Country Club) who finished the day at 1-over-par (72).

Special congratulations to John Spina (Philadelphia Cricket Club) on his first career tournament hole-in-one. Spina used a 3-hybrid on the difficult par3 4th (235yds) to accomplish the feat.

The Section would like to thank our tournament sponsors Jack Jolly & Son, Golf Pride Grips, and the PGA Tour. The Philadelphia PGA will return to tournament action on Monday, May 16 at Hartefeld National Golf Club for the Spring Pro-Pro Championship.

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Delaware Valley Open

May 9, 2016
Individual Pro Media Results

 1    Michael Little     Lookaway GC                33-34--67 -4  
 2    Mike Meisenzahl    Shore Gate CC              34-35--69 -2  
 T3   John Spina         Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  33-37--70 -1  
 T3   George Forster     Radnor Valley CC           31-39--70 -1  
 T3   Stu Ingraham       M Golf Range               33-37--70 -1  
 T6   Bertus Wessels     Green Valley CC            34-37--71 E   
 T6   Kevin Kraft        Bumble Bee Hollow          37-34--71 E   
 T6   Chris Krueger      Kings Creek CC             35-36--71 E   
 T9   Dave Pagett        Whitemarsh Valley CC       36-36--72 +1  
 T9   Mark Sheftic       Merion - West Course       37-35--72 +1  
 T9   Greg Farrow        Deerwood CC                34-38--72 +1  
 T9   Bob Hennefer       Indian Springs GC          33-39--72 +1  
 T9   Curtis Kirkpatrick Indian Springs GC          36-36--72 +1  
 T14  John Allen         Huntingdon Valley CC-F/T   36-37--73 +2  
 T14  Rich Steinmetz     Spring Ford CC             34-39--73 +2  
 T14  Dave McNabb        Applebrook GC              36-37--73 +2  
 T14  Jordan Gibbs       Gulph Mills GC             36-37--73 +2  
 T14  John Bierkan       Aronimink GC               37-36--73 +2  
 T14  Bob Heintz         U of Penn                  36-37--73 +2  
 T20  Dave Quinn         Links GC                   37-37--74 +3  
 T20  Sam Ambrose        Aronimink GC               34-40--74 +3  
 T20  Sean Ketchum       Walnut Lane GC             34-40--74 +3 
 T20  Mike Ladden        Whitford CC                36-38--74 +3  
 T24  Brian Hollins      Trenton CC                 37-38--75 +4  
 T24  Robby Bruns        Merion - West Course       39-36--75 +4  
 T24  Rob Coyne          Applecross CC              37-38--75 +4  
 T24  Jaime Gylan        Royal Manchester GL        36-39--75 +4  
 T24  Mark Anderson      Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  39-36--75 +4  
 T24  Tom Moore          Applecross CC              35-40--75 +4  
 T24  Corey McAlarney    Sunnybrook GC              36-39--75 +4 
 T24  Dave Fields        Brookside CC               38-37--75 +4 
 T24  Mike Furey         Mahoning Valley CC         38-37--75 +4  
 T33  Steve Frederick    Lehigh CC                  35-41--76 +5  
 T33  John Cooper        Green Valley CC            36-40--76 +5  
 T33  Eric Kennedy       Overbrook GC               38-38--76 +5  
 T33  Mike Paukovits     St. Davids GC              38-38--76 +5  
 T33  Eric McNamee       Golf Galaxy - Montgomery   39-37--76 +5  
 T33  Jeff Kiddie        Aronimink GC               35-41--76 +5  
 T33  David Morano       Hidden Creek GC            39-37--76 +5  
 T33  Gregg Gipp         The Springhaven Club       38-38--76 +5  
 T41  Jim Smith          Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  38-39--77 +6  
 T41  Rick McCall        Wild Quail G & CC          36-41--77 +6  
 T41  Matt Goudie        Lancaster CC - Old         36-41--77 +6  
 T41  Mike Mack          Burlington CC              41-36--77 +6  
 T41  Rusty Harbold      BlueGolf                   36-41--77 +6  
 T41  Bob Lennon         Wilmington CC - South      37-40--77 +6  
 T41  Mike Moses         Concord CC                 37-40--77 +6  
 T41  Anthony Napoletano GolfTEC-KoP                38-39--77 +6  
 T41  John Pillar         CC at Woodloch Springs    37-40--77 +6  
 T41  Greg Matthias      Tavistock CC               37-40--77 +6  
 T41  Jason Lamp         Galloway National GC       36-41--77 +6  
 T41  Matthew Deckert    Pennsauken Country Club    38-39--77 +6  
 T41  Bill Smith         Mahoning Valley CC         37-40--77 +6  
 T41  Dustin McCormick   Glen Brook GC              35-42--77 +6  
 T55  Jim Larkin         Fieldstone GC              40-38--78 +7  
 T55  Ron Pine           Whitemarsh Valley CC       39-39--78 +7  
 T55  Rick Flesher       Applebrook GC              38-40--78 +7  
 T55  Jeff Herb          Waynesborough CC           39-39--78 +7  
 T55  Don DeAngelis      Squires GC                 39-39--78 +7  
 T55  Nick Gorman        GolfTEC Moorestown         39-39--78 +7  
 T55  Jim Bromley        Play-a-Round Golf          39-39--78 +7  
 T55  Anthony Malizia    Bidermann GC               38-40--78 +7  
 T55  Michael Caldwell   Merion - West Course       37-41--78 +7  
 T55  Dave Roberts       Cedarbrook CC              39-39--78 +7  
 T55  Cavan Birmingham   Fox Meadow GC              40-38--78 +7  
 T55  Terry Hertzog      CC of York                 40-38--78 +7  
 T55  Trevor Bensel      Huntingdon Valley CC-F/T   40-38--78 +7  
 T68  Ryan Shaughnessy   Wedgewood GC - P/M         38-41--79 +8  
 T68  Dean Halterman     Galloway National GC       38-41--79 +8  
 T68  Frank Bianco       Crossgates                 38-41--79 +8  
 T68  Eric Schultz       Sunnybrook GC              39-40--79 +8  
 T68  Reed Lansinger     Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  39-40--79 +8  
 T68  Jason Calhoun      Philly PGA                 36-43--79 +8  
 T68  Paul Galczyk       Westover CC                41-38--79 +8  
 T68  Mike Heidler       GolfTEC Mainline           40-39--79 +8  
 T68  John Appleget      Wildwood Golf & CC         38-41--79 +8  
 T68  Dan Marz           Huntingdon Valley CC-F/T   38-41--79 +8  
 T68  Vincent Kabaso     Berkshire CC               42-37--79 +8  
 T68  Carson Solien      Aronimink GC               41-38--79 +8  
 T80  Gary Hardin        Northampton CC             37-43--80 +9  
 T80  Stephen Sieracki   Indian Springs GC          41-39--80 +9  
 T80  Tony Perla         Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  42-38--80 +9  
 T80  Adam Brigham       Waynesborough CC           38-42--80 +9  
 T80  Hugo Mazzalupi     Patriots Glen National GC  37-43--80 +9  
 T85  Joe Kogelman       GolfTEC Moorestown         38-43--81 +10 
 T85  Eric Figueroa      McCall Golf & CC           42-39--81 +10 
 T85  Matt Episcopo      Pine Valley GC             41-40--81 +10 
 T85  Ken Dixon          Chester Valley GC          38-43--81 +10 
 T85  David Sandberg     Pine Valley GC             42-39--81 +10 
 T90  Eddie Perrino      Eagle Rock Resort          40-42--82 +11 
 T90  Andy Watters       Talamore Country Club      42-40--82 +11 
 T90  Don Allan          Burlington CC              39-43--82 +11 
 T90  Bryan Kienke       Aronimink GC               41-41--82 +11 
 T90  Rick LeBeau        Gulph Mills GC             39-43--82 +11 
 T90  Matthew Romond     Overbrook GC               41-41--82 +11 
 T90  Brad Nelson        Saucon Valley CC- Grace    39-43--82 +11 
 T90  Bill Sautter       Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  40-42--82 +11 
 T90  Barry Dear         Twisted Dune               40-42--82 +11 
 T99  Daniel McCracken   Phil. Cricket-Wissahickon  38-45--83 +12 
 T99  Matthew Hillier    Pine Valley GC             41-42--83 +12 
 T99  John Tyrell        Running Deer GC            41-42--83 +12 
 T99  Geoff Surrette     Philly PGA                 43-40--83 +12 
 T99  Wes Hollis         Patriots Glen National GC  42-41--83 +12 
 T104 Bill Walker        Riverton CC                40-44--84 +13 
 T104 Jared Cottell      Elkview CC                 40-44--84 +13 
 T104 George Frake       Little Mill CC- LM/SM      41-43--84 +13 
 T104 Ben Debski         The Springhaven Club       43-41--84 +13 
 T104 Michael Rushin     Bear Trap Dunes GC - G/K   38-46--84 +13 
 T104 Frank Palumbo      Rolling Green GC           38-46--84 +13 
 T110 Brian Dionisio     Aronimink GC               45-42--87 +16 
 T110 Kevin Rossi        Lookaway GC                42-45--87 +16 
 112  Tony Shields       ACE Club                   41-49--90 +19