Bob Thatcher, PGA – Olde Masters Golf Club

Keeping students interested and taking more lessons.
In order to keep and maintain a constant flow of lessons the instructor must provide enthusiasm for the student and their progress. He must show genuine understanding for their unique problems in the learning process. Student feedback is required for a team effort approach to be effective. Keep track of each student’s progress from day one. Give them a “strategy for improvement” road map so they have an idea of where they are going and how you can plan to help them get there. Establish realistic goals both long and short term. Getting them to buy into the idea of setting aside time to practice may be the most important item for their ultimate success.

In order to keep my students coming back I have instituted several stratagem that have proved effective:

  1. I offer a buy six lessons and pay for five package
  2. I offer a practice ball plan that encourages the students to practice.
  3. I always work around the green for sand, chipping, putting and other greenside areas as a positive reinforcing of the scoring aspect of the game.
  4. Using video enhances the process and shows the student that you are able to offer the needed training tools to make them better.
  5. I have a tickler file on all students to follow up on their progress even in the off season via email and phone if needed.
  6.  I have each student called in early spring in order to get them back in the swing of golf by promoting fresher lessons.