“The Sand Shot” – Bob Thatcher, PGA – Olde Master’s Golf Club

The basic sand shot requires rhythm, timing, balance, and proper technique. It is broken down in three main areas: address, takeaway and downswing/follow through.


  1. Open stance aimed well left of the intended target – approximately 10 to 15 degrees. The hips should be slightly open.
  2. The ball is played at the left instep.
  3. Weight is placed toward the left foot- distributions about 65/35.
  4. The club face is open aiming along the intended target line.
  5. Anchor feet to prevent slipping.
  6. Hands are forward of the ball.


  1. The club is taken back along the intended target line (on an inside path).
  2. The hands hinge or cock early.
  3. You must take a fall, evenly paced, backswing.
  4. Your head and eyes must remain over the ball. Your eyes focused on the spot just behind the ball.
  5. No appreciable weight shift should take place.
  6. At the top of the swing, your hands should be relaxed and motionless – ready for the downswing.


  1. Your weight should be toward the left foot.
  2. Hands and arm should be relaxed.
  3. A sensation of your hands falling or pulling should be felt. This pulling should be along the foot line thus allowing the open club face to slide under and across the ball.
  4. Remain focused on the spot of impact just behind the ball (1 to 2 inches)
  5. Try to maintain an even tempo.
  6. Permit the body to turn and face the target in an even and flowing manner. (Do no help the club) (7) This even movement of the body to the ball should help to eliminate deceleration.

This secret of good sand play is sound technique, good instruction, lots of practice, and a real desire to improve. Should you need more help I suggest you contact your local PGA Professional.

Compliments of Bob Thatcher and Staff at Olde Masters Golf Club.