Short Game

Tip 1 – Vin Ciarlone, PGA – Northampton Valley Country Club

Here are some of the tips I taught while working with the John Jacobs
Golf Schools in Scottsdale,Arizona.SHORT GAME

  1. Check your lie
  2. See the shot in your mind
  3. Choose a club
  4. Try a couple swings
  5. Play the correct shot


Grip as you would in the full swing

Bottom edge of club perpendicular to the intended line

Deloft the club by moving the end of the grip one to two inches
forward, toward your intended line

Move your body to the end of the grip (Ball now located near your
back foot. Keep a narrow stance.

Most of your weight on your forward side (Closest to target) (It
provides a steeper attack)

Keep your wrists firm throughout the swing

Swing the club back to your pocket, keep your hands ahead of the
club face (That will produce a low flying shot) and continue your swing to
your other pocket

Club selection will determine the length your chip will roll on
the ground. Less lofted clubs will travel farther. The pace of the swing
will determine the length the ball will fly through the air.

Tip 2 – Adrienne Hogan, PGA – Medford Village Country Club

“Keep the y”
Chip- A shot that spends more time on the ground than in the air.
To learn the proper chipping  “Keep the y”  Using a PW or 9 Iron place the ball toward your back foot, grip slightly down on the club and press your hands toward the inside of your front thigh.  If you look into a mirror your arms and golf club create a letter “y”.  When you swing the club, your takeaway should be low with no wrist break.  On your follow through keep your hands and arms in the “y” position.  This will keep your hands in front of the ball with NO WRIST FLIP.  Remember to ALWAYS follow through DO NOT STOP at the ball.